May Creek Kennels became a dream when a young man of fifteen recieved a black lab pup. He hoped that this would be the end of wading out over the tops of his hip boots to retrieve a bird. After his first litter of pups were born in the Spring of 1952, this young man decided he wanted to go on and breed some good looking shooting labs.

After returning from the military, it was decided that we needed another shooting dog to run along with the other. In 1957 we got a chocolate pup, Ko-Ko, from Silvo Checchi. Ko-Ko was bred from two black dogs at Lake Desire Kennels in Renton, WA His father was a dog brought to the States from England in the late '40s, an Eaglesfield dog bred down from Jeremy of Sandylands. His mother was bred down from a dog obtained from William Kemper, the town constable of Milton, WA. The bitch was passed on the chocolate genes from FC The Spider of Kingswere and from show Champion King of Detroy (from some of the original Sandyland imports).

In the 1950's, these two dogs, plus NFC Cork of Oakwood Lane, Deer Creek, and a few other prominent dogs showed to carry chocolate genes. With no luck in obtaining a chocolate bitch to breed to this dog, we were talked into purchasing two yellow female pups from Herman A. Reddick, Coll-A-Dene Kennels, Naperville, Illinois. At this time we became Tri-Lab Acres along with Stan Hagen of Long Lake Road in Port Orchard, WA. We were the first breeders to have and produce black, yellow and chocolate labs on the West Coast and here in the Pacific Northwest. The reason we purchased the yellow females from Mr. Reddick was his stories of breeders producing chocolates from chocolate to yellow breeding. Well,the result of that experiment was a lot of black pups!

Upon moving to our present place in May Valley, WA in 1962, we purchased a chocolate female pup from Larry Kokler's Lab Acres in Lemar, Iowa. She was a barren bitch. Some years after moving to our present site we changed our kennel name to May Creek, which runs through our property and we began naming our dogs "May Creek's". At this time we also bought a chocolate bitch out of Canada carrying Lomac, Nelson's Black Prince and Gerwin's chocolate blood lines.

In 1966 Ko-Ko passed on and along came May Creek's Smokey Joe, who would make chocolate lab history by becoming one of the first chocolate Show Champions on the West Coast and one of the first dozen in the U.S. Smokey produced some of the finest and toughest chocolate shooting dogs of the 1970's.

After the early failure to produce chocolate pups out of our yellow bitches, we decided to go yellow. In 1965 we bred one bitch to FC Stillwaters Royal Rick, sire to FC Moby Dick and FC Dent's Midnite Rick. The second female was bred to Man of Knight, the sire to FC Mirk of Dangerfield, Champion Call Back Duke, Zirk of Dangerfield, Mark V, and Dual Champion Torque of Dangerfield.

From those two breedings we have gone eight generations of good looking shooting dogs, adding trial blood now and then, such as Big Stone dogs, FC Gun Thunder Oly, Canadian dogs, Country Club, Bracken, Carmoney, and others. Special mention for FC Valentine Luke, who was the all time high point dog in Canada until My Chris Sailor. The past few generations have also included FC Muellers Stormy Canada, FC AFC Shamrock Acres Whiskey Jake, FC Marathon Man, MH Dust Devil Mustard, FC Ripparian RoughRider, and Code Red to name a few. These dogs still carry many physical qualities of the original Labradors brought here in the late 1920's.

Besides yellow dogs, we still breed and list chocolate and blacks. Most of our brood bitches are granddaughters of prominent dogs. Some of our yellows are seven and eight generations of our line, with lots of shooting dogs bred in, resulting in loads of talent combined with good temperments and looks. Like one of the old timers told me as a boy, "It costs just as much to feed one that you can live with as one you can't and they'll both live for ten years or more." So besides a good working dog it is nice to have a dog with some class. We have had pointing labs as far back as the 1960's.

With the call for hunting dogs slowing, we continue to breed the same type of dog, yet see them being purchased as all around dogs, the type that benefit from having great looks and talent, capable of being both a working dog and a companion dog.

After the early years of having the black dog people call the chocolate dog a freak or a "black lab on a chesie", livers or inferior, they have certainly caught on! Thank you Joe Checchi, Ko-Ko, Duchess and all of the rest for over 50 years of smelling like a lab.

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